Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saffores: Get the right line up!

This line up was so good I had to share it. So I finally found my new barber. He happens to cut all of Hollywood! Who would have thought a character like me would end up at such a hot spot! Credit to Devin Clay for the connection.


If you're ever in LA and you want to get the right line up, massage, or mani/pedi, call Tray at 323-839-5566. This ain't no hood joint so call for appointments and tell him Jason sent you!

Ludacris, Carmelo Anthony, and Rob Dyrdek: Time to play TAG


Wow, seems like my head was spinning from the last party when I stumbled upon the TAG party hosted by Ludacris, Carmelo Anthony, and Rob Dyrdek! The London Hotel, a real swank place for those in Hollywood who have swag and money was the host location for this event.

Once you got up to the rooftop you were greeted by the sound of hits found on today's Billboard's Top 40 list, servers trying to spray you down with the TAG spray, and dancers painted in silver! As The funniest thing happend to me right before the party. So I went to Hollywood to get my hair cut and line up done just to look fly at this party. Well my new barber doesn't know yet that I got that good hair so he can cut my neck with a razor not clippers!

After getting the dope ass line up I realized my neck was on fire! I was nervous and ended up at Sephora where I tried everything from moisturizers to make up to get the reddness and burning down and ta da, I did it!

Ok back to the event: atop the roof of the hotel were Benji from Good Charlotte spinning on the 1's and 2's, open bar, and maddness as the crowd just grew and grew. Now I saw a VIP area in the corner of the party (with no one important in it) but there were a host of celebs there. Claudia Jordan from Celebrity Apprentice and Foxxhole with Jamie Foxx, Denise Richards, Lala Vazquez, Larenz Tate, Top Model/Actor Eva Maricelle with her fiance Lance Gross, and of course LUDA!

We had too much Belvedere and took pictures in this photobooth like the kind you find at skating rinks. I wish I could post them but they're still in my wallet!

While I must admit I didn't let them spray me down, I have to admit it was because I was trying to avoid a chemical reaction from all the products I used at Sephora. I did however smell it on others and I must say this is the first time I've considered buying body spray.

I love RED and SHOES: RED Suede Chuck

What's HOT around $100

Check this out! I found this hot outfit UNDER $100! Shirt: The Slipstream Short Sleeve Pullover Hoody in Blue by LRG $34.95 and Pant: The Match Point True Straight Fit Jean in Dark Indigo by LRG $47.95 Total: $82.90!!!

New Movie: A Day in the Life!


In early July I was invited by my friends, Celebrity Stylist Nicc Shooter and Major Independents General Manager Keith Brown to attend the movie premiere of "A Day in the Life." I almost did not go because I knew I would write about the movie and tell the TRUTH regardless of my friends being involved and I didn't want to hurt their feelings if the movie sucked. Well, it didn't suck afterall.

A Day in the Life is The first-ever feature film told ENTIRELY in rap! The movie was written by, directed by and starring Sticky Fingaz, rap star from hip hop group, Onyx. The movie also starred Mekhi Phifer, Fredro Starr, Omar Epps, Drena De Niro, Sticky Fingaz, Bokeem Woodbine, Ray J, Kurupt, Treach, Michael Rapaport, Tyrin Turner, Faizon Love, and Malinda Williams among others.

What's noticably different about this film distributed by Lions Gate is it's all rap dialogue. The beats flow in and out smoothly as all of the actors get into their lines...or should I say rhymes. I found myself a bit skeptical at first because I'm not the biggest rap fan, but I have to say after about 5 minutes I looked forward to the next line.

The DVD is out everywhere, go cop a couple and get them out to your friends and family. The cast was dope, Mekhi was the coolest at the premiere and look forward to him getting on this blog soon! For more info go to: www.myspace.com/adayinthelifemovie.

Candy Corner - Male

Ladies and Gentlemen, my friend, Christian Keyes!


Candy Corner - Female

Ladies and Gentlemen, actress, model, radio show host, shit talker, my girl, Claudia Jordan!


BIGGEST BANGER OF THE YEAR: Diddy and Aston Kutcher's 4th of July Party!

OMG I can't believe I'm going to write this! Well, those of you in the know have to know that Puffy aka Diddy aka Sean Combs has his annual All White Party in the Hamptons. Well he didn't this year, he had it in LA! And guess what, I was there!

If you know me you know I got to parties almost every night. Not just to have fun and spend money but to network. Because of this lifestyle I tend to get bored really fast with parties. Same ole music, same ole people, same ole cash bar. Well not this one!

This year Diddy teamed up with Actor, Model, Mogul Ashton Kutcher to "Celebrate Life - End Malaria" a non-profit organization they started to end Malaria in third world countries. Now back to the party!

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE was at this party. From Mariah Carey to Demi Moore, from Tyrese to Lindsay Lohan. And of course the fabulous Tamala Jones, Kym Whitley, Luenell, and yes FAITH EVANS!

So typically I get to a party a just mingle around until I get bored. Well as soon as I got to the shuttle and stood behind Damion Hall (Guy) and Mark Gerragos (Chris Brown & MJ's Atty) I knew this was going to be dope. As soon as we arrived to the mega mansion (next door to Denzel Washington's house) we were greeted by the staff of probably well over 100 to serve us. People walking on stilts, women in big rubber clear balls walking around the property, mini golf and volleyball set up for kids, a wii room candy bar, cotton candy, gift suites, several open bars and cabana's. WHEW! Not to mention, this was in someone's back yard.

We sat under a cabana for awhile just to soak it all in and who sat next to us, Dawn Richard from Dirty Money and former Danity Kane member and her boyfriend breakout star of group Day 26! Now in person they are just as affectionate as you see on tv. The funniest moment was running into Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. It was a pure accident. It was dark and when the light flashed I saw that it was her! I said "Are you Mariah Carey" and she said "I was when I got here" LOL. She looked AMAZING! But the most memorable moment of the night was dancing to Michael Jackson's "Wanna be starting something" on the stage that rotated in circles with Amber Rose, Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor, Quincy, Estelle, and my boy Michael! This of course was while Diddy, Tyrese, and Ashton got the crowd crunked! Interestingly enough, my boy Quincy (Puffy's son) was getting a little hot for Ms. Amber Rose. Now you know that old saying "Game recognize Game"? Well, let's just say that I was peeping it all night! Like father like son, Quincy is going to be a handfull ladies.

This was one of those parties where you wanted to savor every single moment and as it got closer to 10pm I got a little more and more anixous. Mad love to my boy Quincy who made the experience possible, now I gotta figure out how to get to the next one because I'm sure it's not going to be in LA!

Check out this video. You can see me in it real brieftly. This will help you FEEL the party!

Enjoy these pics below that we took at the party. They don't even do the experience any justice.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BET pulls Chris Brown from Michael Jackson Tribute

At the party on Sunday morning while standing at the bar I noticed a large group of people moving downstairs from the front walkway area. Noticably leading the pack was Chris Brown. It had to be about 2am so the first thing that popped in my head was why would Chris be here this late if he has to open the BET awards.

Later that night I ran into Chris in the backyard near the pool and asked if he would take a picture and he refused. Not knowing what was happening I was a bit turned off by that. The next morning I woke up and found an email waiting saying that Reverend Al Sharpton had Chris pulled from the BET Awards as an opening act. It was leaked that Chris, among others were going to do a tribute to Michael Jackson given his recent passing.

I will say that when I originally heard the song 'Better on the other side' by Diddy, Boyz II Men, Game, Chris Brown, and Mario Winans I too had mixed feelings about mixing the energy surrounding Chris and the overwhelming mourning felt worldwide for Michael. It wasn't until I attended the awards and ran into Chris again at another party on Monday that I felt BET was wrong for pulling him. I have had mixed feelings on Chris since the Rihanna incident. Is it because of the violent act of domestic abuse? Was it because we haven't heard from Chris yet? Was it because I was following everyone else? I don't know the answer to that yet, but what I do know is that the awards clearly could have benefited from Chris' presence and performance. Chris Brown is undoubtedly a talented artist, possibly a future icon in his own right.

On Monday when we passed each other I asked him if I could talk to him for a second. Chris without any hesitance said yes. We talked very briefly about music and other industry things and I told him I wish he would have performed. Chris thanked me and was very humble. It wasin that moment that I felt the need to respect that whatever transpired between Chris and Rihanna should rest with them. It is not my place to judge Chris, nor is it my place to feel sorry for Rihanna. Talking to Chris was like talking to my little cousin, and I just hope that he can somehow regain the public respect that his talent had previously earned.

When does everyone stop hating Chris Brown? I think we should be disappointed in him, but hating him doesn't change what happened, and hating him to the point that he didn't give tribute to someone who would have probably wanted him to was not a good look for BET.

I must admit I did sneak pictures of Chris but I won't post them since he declined to take them. Oh well, maybe next time. Check out the video and tribute song below referenced in this article.

Skank Robbers: Sheneneh and Wanda Set it Off

One of the funniest moments of the BET awards came when Jamie Foxx showed a clip of his upcoming film 'Skank Robbers' starring him and Martin Lawrence. This movie is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2010 and I'm sure it's going to be a hit!

Now you all remember I posted the stories on Spectacular doing the damn thang right. Well after meeting Teyana this weekend friends told me she did a video some time back of, simulating the infamous performance.

I remember seeing a tweet about it and sending it to Spinderella but I never watched it until yesterday. She is a damn fool for that one! Something about Teyana's swag is captivating and contageous. In this video she clearly wanted to cross all boundaries and I believe she did.

Check it out!

2009 BET Awards!!!

The 2009 BET awards and Michael Jackson tribute occurred this past weekend in LA at the famous Shrine Auditorium. This year I had good seats right where I can watch the entire show. While I've read so many updates about the awards - how bad they were, how they didn't pay homage to Michael Jackson, how bad Beyonce's performance was, etc I have to say the energy in the room was all love.

The awards hosted by Jamie Foxx had everyone and I mean everyone from Beyonce, Jay Z, Tyra Banks, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Puffy to Lebron James, the O'Jays, Ray J, and Snoop in the house. I'll post a couple observations that you did NOT see at home:

1. During Don Cornelius' long, boring, dry, and senial speech, actress/comedienne Jennifer Lewis made gestures of killing herself. While outsiders would say it was tacky, those who know Jennifer know that's just her. I must say Jennifer, I too wanted to do the same!

2. Drake sat in the chair throughout his performance because he recently tore his ACL. He did not go up on stage when Wayne won because he could barely walk without his cane. Although he wasn't as flashy as Weezy, he was the most popular person in the room, and he took a pic with Beyonce that I MUST get a copy of!

3. When Beyonce came out to perform, drag queen Keri Hilson sat in her chair when everyone else got up. Hmm, Beyonce did win Female Artist of the year right? RIGHT.

I have to be honest and say that BET did a phenomenal job pulling together a show within 2 days of Michael's passing. While I do agree that Jamie Foxx and NeYo sang way too much, I'm sure it was because they needed to fill time. I wanted more like a 'We are the World' tribute, or Madonna to come out, but I realized something. Nothing they could have done would have been enough. I did believe the peformances with 90's groups, the tribute to the O'Jay's by Tyrese, Trey Songz, and Johnny Gill was off the chain. That said, they better not create another LSG!

And did you see Monica's return??!! Banana's right! First and foremost, big ups to Keyshia Cole for being humble enough to allow Monica a forum to deliver such a hot performance. I'm just hoping that Monica drops an album soon before everyone forgets!

Lastly, everyone has had something to say about Beyonce's performance. Let's get this clear, BET is getting better and better every year. Beyonce's performace of Ava Maria is a song and performance she is currently doing on tour. Not only did she sound amazing, but she sung the end in French! I say, upgrade your swag and overcome the desire to see Beyonce in drag every time she performs because she was perfect!

That said, I've posted some pictures of people on the red carpet! Enjoy

Here are some pictures I took on the red carpet using my iPhone!

She was a friend of mine, Kelly Price!

This past weekend we stopped by Lucky Stike bowling alley in Hollywood for a pre-BET awards party. The hostess with the mostest, Carma graciously let us into this fab event where they had open bar (ya'll already know), food, and good music playing. But it was what happened towards the end that made this evening memorable.

My friend Ray who was on College Hill and is still affiliated with the network came outside and said he had a surprise for me. Now coming from Ray that could be anything so I must admit I was a bit nervous! Then a camera guy came up to me and I was like WTF because everyone knows I HATE cameras that I can't control. Then a group of people came out to the patio where I was sitting, noticably hiding someone. A few seconds later they parted and there stood non other than R&B/Gospel singer Kelly Price!

I stood up to greet here and then click click click cameras started going off! Kelly was the sweetest though. After exchanging information and talking about MJ, Ms. Kelly let me in on her music project. She has self funded her next project taking total creative control so you know it's going to be hot! After meeting Kelly I started talking to friends in the business and a birdie told me that Kelly is preparing to tour with Deborah Cox and Tamia. That's going to be a hot line up! I called Kelly to confirm and she wouldn't confirm or deny so you know that means it's true.

Also that night I ran into Celebrith Blogger B Scott (www.lovebscott.com), Film Director Bille Woodruff and Real Housewives of Atlanta Lisa Wuu and newcomer Kandi from Xscape. I asked Kandi if she thought a reunion with Xscape was possible to which she quickly said "no." Oh well, we still have En Vogue! Love Kandi and she tweeted me too. Now if she would just follow me we'd be alright!

Pleasure Parties!

OK OK, get your minds out of the gutter! *smh* Over the past week me and my crew had a blast with all of the BET awards parties. Now the best part was THEY DIDN'T COST A DOLLAR! Well, at least not for me. But the award for Best BET party (that I attended) this year belongs to *drum roll* Pleasure P and Justin Walker.

On Sunday morning at around 1230 am, the early morning before the BET awards I was tired and sitting in my car with friends. I had exhausted all party possibilities and wanted to keep going. I text every celebrity I knew to ask about parties. The first to respond was R&B hit singer, and former Pretty Ricky member, Pleasure P. He text me saying he and Baldwin Hills star and music producer Justin Walker were having a party as well as the address to his crib. We put the address in the navi and hit it to the hills. Everyone was that from Lil Kim, Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor and Jibbs, to Sean Kingston, Maino, Willie from Day 26, Terrence and Rocsi, and ME! I have to say, Pleasure P and Justin were dope as fuck! Both extremely hospitable and cool as fuck. After many many drinks and the best damn soul food, yes soul food, we kicked it until around 4am then cut.

On Monday night the night after the awards I started receiving texts from celebrity friends and eyelash Guru Jamaal Buster (www.jamaalbuster.com) that Pleasure P and Justin were having ANOTHER party! I called up my friend Bille Woodruff and Quincy (Puffy's son) and we hit it to the hills AGAIN! This time along with the original cast from Sunday's party I ran into Tamala Jones, Souljaboy, Slim Thug, and Omarion. Now this time I drank until the sun came up, leaving around 530am.

Although I joked around with Justin that he was the ringleader, I believe Pleasure's Parties were a doing all of his own! And go cop Pleasure P's debut solo album, 'The Introduction of Marcus Cooper' in stores now!!!

OOH, I love accessories!

Although this would have pushed my "What's HOT under $100" over it's limit, I would def accessorize the fit below with these. Shoes: The Dicoco Sneakers by Creative Recreation and Watch: The Table Turns Leather Watch by Flud! Owwwww.

What's HOT around $100

I loved this fit when I peeped it out, enjoy. Shirt: The Swagger Tee in Black by BePriv Paris $32.00 and Pants: The Spaces for Species True Straight Fit Jeans in Gray $32.00. Now THAT is a deal!

MUST READ: The 48 Laws of Power

When I first heard of this book I knew I was going to read it. I must admit I haven't purchased a book in YEARS because of the amount of reading that my job requires, but THIS book I had to!

Robert Greene's 'The 48 Laws of Power' is one of national best sellers out on shelves today. Here is the summary of each Law, but you MUST go and buy this book if you too want to learn how to unlock your power.

1. Never outshine the master. 2. Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies. 3. Conceal your intentions. 4. Always say less than necessary. 5. So much depends on reputation - guard it with your life. 6. Court attention at all cost. 7. Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit. 8. Make other people come to you - use bait if necessary. 9. Win through your actions, never through argument. 10. Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky. 11. Learn to keep people dependent on you. 12. Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim. 13. When asking for help, appeal to peple's self-interest, never to their mercy or gratitude. 14. Pose as a friend, work as a spy. 15. Crush your enemy totally 16. Use absence to increase respect and honor. 17. Keep others in suspended terror: Cultivate an air of unpredictability. 18. Do not build fortresses to protect yourself - isolation is dangerous. 19. Know who you're dealing with - do not offend the wrong person. 20. Do not commit to anyone. 21. Play a sucker to catch a sucker - seem dumber than your mark. 22. Use the surrender tactic: Transform Weakness into power. 23. Concentrate your forces. 24. Play the perfect courtier. 25. Re-create yourself. 26. Keep your hands clean. 27. Play on people's need to believe to create a cultlike following. 28. Enter action with boldness. 29. Plan all the way to the end. 30. Make your accomplishments seem effortless. 31. Control the options: Get others to play with the cards you deal. 32. Play to people's fantasies. 33. Discover each man's thumbscrew. 34. Be royal in your own fashion: Act like a king to be treated like one. 35. Master the art of timing. 36. Disdain things you cannont have: Ignoring them is the best revenge. 37. Create compelling spectacles. 38. Think as you like but behave like others. 39. Stir up waters to catch fish. 40. Despise the free lunch. 41. Avoid stepping into a great man's shoes. 42. Strike the shepherd and the sheep wills scatter. 43. Work on the hearts and minds of others. 44. Disarm and infuriate with the mirror effect. 45. Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once. 46. Never appear too perfect. 47. Do not go past the mark you aimed for; in victory, learn when to stop. 48. Assume formlessness.

Deep right?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson: The day the world stood STILL!


It would have taken too much space so I did a video to capture my reaction to the passing of Michael Jackson. Words can not express the loss this world felt last week, nor could I write what hasn't already been written. But I wanted to share MY Michael Jackson moment and I hope you enjoy the video.

Please make sure you watch this tribute video below. It's AMAZING! Thanks Chan' for sharing!

Mixed by DJ Don Lynch. djdonlynch.blogspot.com from Don Lynch on Vimeo.

Shoe of the Week: Women have their Jimmy Choos, we have Gucci!